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What Happens When a Police Officer Breaks the Law?

Police officers are responsible for upholding justice and maintaining peace in the community. With this being said, Police officers need to act as model citizens and abide by the law at all times. But what happens when a police officer breaks the law? Check out these news stories involving law enforcement officers who abused their privileges, broke the law, and crossed over to the dark side.
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In Florida a police officer is facing charges for pulling over minority drivers and giving them tickets even though they did nothing wrong. After a two month investigation, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirmed what several wrongly-ticketed drivers claimed was true.

An Indiana police officer resigned following an investigation into postings on his Facebook page. In his profile, he referred to himself as the “garbage man,” called those he arrests “trash” and bragged about heavy drinking. One post showed the officer with a .357 Magnum pointed at his head and drinking beer with friends. He also posted pictures of a crash involving his police cruiser. This is certainly not the first incident I have heard of where an individual looses their job because of what they post on Facebook!

In Georgia, a Gwinnett County police officer resigned after he was caught stunning a Waffle House employee with a taser without provocation. The officer was been charged with one count of battery and one count of violation of oath of office.

The Chief of Police in Vergennes, Vermont was charged with driving under the influence after he drove his cruiser into a parked car back in June. The chief was off duty and turning onto a street when his cruiser hit the left rear end of a parked car. Prescription drugs were found in his system.

This story has to be my favorite:

Also in Florida, members of a drug task force were caught on tape playing Wii Bowling while executing a search warrant. Eleven agency members, including sheriffs, sergeants, detectives, and deputies, are being investigated. Check out the video!
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