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Certificate Program Information

Certificate and diploma programs provide practical knowledge to prepare students for a specific job or task. Requirements will differ between programs, but are generally less demanding than those of a degree program. Certificate programs appeal to many people. Some people view certificate programs as an opportunity to advance their career without the time and financial […]

Doctoral Degrees Defined

A doctoral degree represents the highest and most advanced level of study one can achieve. Most doctoral degrees take about seven years to complete. They consist of coursework, comprehensive exams, and the presentation of a dissertation in a specific subject. A dissertation is an academic research paper in which an argument is supported using original […]

Master’s Degrees Defined

Earning a master’s degree is a great option for anyone who has already earned a bachelor’s degree and wishes to further advance their career. Master’s degrees programs involve coursework and research in a specific subject. In most programs, students will be required to submit a thesis or dissertation prior to graduation. A dissertation is an […]

Bachelor’s Degrees Defined

A bachelor’s degree, also referred to as a baccalaureate degree, is a four year program. In order to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, students must either have obtained a high school diploma or have credits to transfer from an associate’s degree program. Graduates of a bachelor’s degree program will experience many benefits. Benefits of […]

Associate’s Degrees Defined

Associate’s degree programs generally take about two years to complete. Students are required to take 60 credit hours, or 20 courses, prior to graduation. Associate’s degrees enable graduates to enter directly into the workforce or continue their education by transferring to a bachelor degree program. Those who have completed an associate’s degree program have the […]

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